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What to choose – a male or a female purebred dog?

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What to choose – a male or a female purebred dog?

puppy’s character is formed

Which gender to choose it is your own choice. A person that didn’t have a dog should choose a bitch. Of course, at first, you should ask for advice the dog breeder. A responsible breeder will choose the best dog for you that will meet your expectations. Don’t forget that the same breed dogs can differ in their manner and each dog is unique.

A mature dog or a little puppy?

Most people would choose a puppy because it is easy to train. It is exciting to watch how the puppy grows. However, it is wiser to choose a mature dog. Its manner is stable and it won’t change and grow anymore. Usually, this kind of dog is a little bit trained already and is suitable to live with a family. It easily adapts to the new living conditions and surroundings. The mature dog is as good friend as a puppy.

Upbringing and training

A lot of breeding clubs look for new masters to the grown up or mature dogs. They will explain why the dog needs the new home. If you want a mature dog, call the nearest breeding club.

Upbringing and training

The researches show that the puppy’s character is formed when it is 12-14 weeks old. This time is called the imprinting stage. During this stage if the puppy perceives that strangers, children, cats and cars won’t hurt it, it will treat them well. On the other hand, if the puppy spends all 14 weeks in the kennel with its mother and is fed only by the breeder, it won’t be easy for it to adapt to other people. If the puppy is attacked by the cats during its first 14 weeks, it will hate them all its life.

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